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Our Story

Colleen Smiley, mom of two, started the Om Café in 1985 with the simple motivation of love for people and food. She was a pioneer of her time in a meat and potato country, waging a war of vegetables against meat, antibiotics, growth hormones and processed food. She and the Om have always celebrated organic food and the heroism of local farmers.

Colleen’s eldest son Jason, stopped home for a visit from his travels and saw the same customers at the Om from when he was bussing tables over twenty-five years ago. He decided to get back into the family business to support the community that had supported his family for so long. Colleen retired and Jason took over the family business.

A few years later, Jessica Norwood, whose parents had been bringing her to the Om Cafe since she was three years old, had the chance to fulfill her dream by carrying on the Om torch. She took over the Om with Colleen and Jason's blessing to continue the commitment to attentive service, tasty healthy food and most of all an overall enjoyable dinning experience.

We welcome you to become a part of the ever growing Om family and would like you to remember, you can’t have home without the Om.